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Fall 2020 Registration Announced
Fall 2020 registration has arrived!  NSELL is excited to be able to open up our Fall season to ALL AGE GROUPS.  After a long wait, we are able to invite children from tee ball through our graduating 12's.
Although our ability to define exactly what to expect in the programs is limited, due to the pandemic, we expect the fall season to focus on skill development.  There will be a mix of practices and games at every level, along with a lot of fun.  The Spring/Summer season has proven to be one of the most enjoyable on record - in large part due to everyone reframing the importance of youth athletics to the community and what's important about youth athletics to the children.
The quality of experience children have this Fall will be directly related to the number of volunteers we have.  NSELL is committed to keeping our community's health in mind.  After following local and state guidelines over the summer, we've learned every extra set of adult eyes is helpful.  So, even if you are not baseball savvy, we encourage you to raise your hand and be willing to assist in some way.  There is a separate registration for adult volunteers on the registration page.
For questions, please contact:
Tee Ball:    & 
Farm:   & 
AA:    & 
AAA:   & 
Majors:   & 
CLICK HERE to go to our registration page.
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(Apologies if you are receiving this message and your last participant is already 14.  We needed to be sure to catch as many interested parties as possible.  Perhaps your child would like to make some money by being an umpire?)

by posted 08/10/2020
NSELL 2020 Season Plan and Guidelines

Newton SouthEast Little League has been exploring options to provide a safe and enjoyable baseball experience for our members during these unprecedented times.  We have been working with the City of Newton and utilizing City, State and Little League International guidelines to determine how best we can offer a program to our players, coaches, and families.  We thank you for your patience while we worked through this process.

You can view the plan and guidelines for the 2020 season on our website at https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/8977/98565.pdf

Now that the State has moved to Phase 2 of the Massachusetts Reopening Plan the NSELL Board has made the following decisions:

  • NSELL will provide a summer program for AAA (grade 4+) and Majors Players.  This program will begin in early July and run for an estimated 6 weeks, subject to scheduling.  All players registered in those divisions for the 2020 Spring Season will automatically have their registrations moved to the new programs.  The league may need to adjust roster assignments based on the number of participants.  There may be interleague play scheduled at the discretion of NSELL.
  • We will not offer a program for T-Ball, Farm, or AA players.  Given the challenges of maintaining distancing and other safety requirements needed with those age groups the Board has determined it is not feasible to safely run those programs at this time.  All registration fees for those programs will be refunded to the original credit card used.  Please note this is a manual procedure and we will endeavor to process these as quickly as we are able to.
  • Players who do not wish to participate may elect to have their registration fees refunded or may contribute them as a donation to Newton SouthEast Little League.  If you are registered in the AAA or Majors program and wish to receive a refund please email   so that we can process it.  
  • Our policy is that no child should be denied the opportunity to play baseball due to a family's financial situation.  Please email   if you would like to make a confidential request for a scholarship.
  • NSELL is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we continue to incur costs maintaining our fields, purchasing equipment and supplies, etc., so your donation is appreciated.  We have opened a button for donations on the NSELL website. Given the unforeseen circumstances our program has, and continues to be faced with during this pandemic, any donation is greatly appreciated.
  • We will continue to evaluate options to provide alternative plans for younger players during the summer, such as limited-space clinics.  Any such programs will be announced via our mailing list and website.

For further details please see the full document linked above.

NSELL would also like to publicly thank our sponsors for their continued and ongoing support - we could not provide the programs we do without their assistance.  Please see their listings on our web pages and in turn support them with your patronage.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to safely seeing you on the fields soon.

by posted 06/13/2020
Welcome to Newton SouthEast Little League

Newton SouthEast Little League serves players who reside within or attend private or public schools within the public school district boundaries of Memorial-Spaulding, Mason-Rice, Bowen, Angier, Countryside and Zervas.  Children who attend one of these schools but live out of district may participate in NSELL's program under Little League's 2020 rules without a waiver. 

Newton SouthEast Little League offers the following programs:


T-ball for pre-K and Kindergarten

Farm for 1st and 2nd grade

Minors (AA and AAA) for 9-11 year olds (generally 3-5th grade)

Majors for 10-12 year olds (generally 4-6th grade).


Farm for 1st and 2nd grade

Minors (AA and AAA) for 9-11 year olds (generally 3-5th grade)

Majors for 10-12 year olds (generally 4-6th grade).

If you live in the NSELL district but NSELL does not offer a program for your child during a season (3-4 year olds in the spring or pre-K/K in the fall), you are eligible for any programs offered by Newton Little League (newtonllbaseball.org)

If you have a question about which program to register for, please contact us at  .

All Spring and Fall teams will have games or practices on Sundays (usually afternoons) Other games/practice times vary and can be on any day.   Please see more information for each division below.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Newton SouthEast Little League a scholarship fund to aid families facing economic hardship. It is the policy of NSELL that no child should be denied the opportunity to play baseball due to a family's financial situation. The application process is a simple one; all that needs to be done is to send a request to our Treasurer/Player Agent. This request is confidential and does not require financial documentation.  Newton SouthEast Little League is sensitive to both family needs and privacy.  If you wish to take advantage of the scholarship, please email our Treasurer/Player Agent   .

by posted 09/13/2019
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