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(Approved April 8, 2019)


The Newton SouthEast Little League adopts the following policy (“Policy”) regarding Abuse Awareness and Prevention in compliance with the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017 (“SafeSport”).

            In compliance with SafeSport, it is the Policy of the Newton SouthEast Little League (the “League”) that:

  1. All Adult Members of the League, as defined by NSELL, as well as all individuals who are members of the League’s Board of Directors (collectively hereinafter referred to as “Volunteers”), are now mandated reporters and could face criminal charges if they do not report, as set forth in this Policy, any witnessed act or suspected act of child abuse, including bullying, cyberbullying, emotional and physical misconduct including hazing, harassment, grooming, sexual misconduct and abuse, within 24 hours of witnessing such occurrence. The League, and the representatives of the League to whom such reports are delivered could also face criminal charges if they fail to report any such good faith reports to the Newton Police Department within the same twenty-four (24) hour period, unless the mandated reporter filed the report directly with the Newton Police Department.


  1. All Volunteers are required to understand the definitions of the above behaviors, as well as permitted and prohibited one-on-one interactions, electronic communications and travel requirements and restrictions.


  1. In order for the Volunteers of the League to  understand the definitions of the above behaviors and to be aware of their duties, responsibilities and obligations under the Policy, all Volunteers are required to complete the “Abuse Awareness of Adults” course from USA Baseball (the “Course”) and to obtain a Certificate of Completion (“Certificate of Completion”) from the Course. The Course can be accessed at:




A copy of the Couse Materials, which includes the definitions of the above behaviors, is attached to this Policy and is available, with this Policy, on the League website.


  1. All Volunteers of the League are required to submit their Certificate of Completion prior to being authorized as a manager or coach of any team, or to be involved in any manner whatsoever with any player in the League immediately before or immediately after, as well as during all League activities including games and practices, except with respect to their own child.


  1. The following behaviors and interactions, as defined in the Course, are prohibited:

            A.         Child Abuse;

            B.         Bullying;

            C.         Cyberbullying;

            D.         Emotional Misconduct;

            E.         Physical Misconduct;

            F.          Hazing;

            G.         Harassment;

            H.         Sexual Misconduct and Abuse;

            I.          One-on-One Interactions;

            J.          Improper Electronic Communications;

            K.         Improper Travel Arrangements or Behaviors.


  1. In the event that a volunteer of the League witnesses an event or suspects that an event has occurred that gives reason to suspect that a child in the League has suffered, or is or has been the victim of an incident of wrongdoing covered by this Policy, such volunteer shall make and submit a report of the suspected incident, either orally or in writing, within twenty-four (24) hours either (a) to the Newton Police Department to Lieutenant Bruce Apotheker at the Newton Police Department, 1321 Washington Street, W. Newton, MA 02465, or by phone to (617) 796-2103 or by email to bapotheker@newtonma.gov, or (b) to the League President and to the League General Counsel; or (c) both; provided that if any individual is a suspected wrongdoer, the report shall not be submitted to the alleged wrongdoer. If reported to the League President and League General Counsel only, they shall report any such reports to the Newton Police Department within the same twenty-four (24) hour period.


  1.  Any retaliation by any volunteer to a report filed in good faith pursuant to this Policy is prohibited and shall result in the immediate termination of such volunteer from the League, which action shall not limit the rights of any other person.


  1. This Policy does not replace, alter or amend any other reporting or other policy of the League including, without limitation, any registration requirements or the performing of background checks.







                                                                                    Steve Brooks, President


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