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What equipment does my child need?

Players need a glove, helmet, and baseball bat.


What equipment will be provided by the league?

The league will provide a hat and shirt that players can keep. The league will also provide baseballs for practices and games.


Does my child need special baseball pants or cleats?

Baseball pants are not required. Players are encouraged to wear sweatpants to games and practices. Cleats are not required, though baseball is hard on sneakers so some parents prefer to have their child wear cleats. Soccer cleats are fine as well.


What size bat should my child have?

Most children use a bat between 25 and 27 inches in length and 12 and 17 oz in weight.


What size glove should my child have?

Most players have a fielder’s glove between 10 and 11.5 inches in length.


When does the spring season begin?

The season begin the week following Newton Public School’s April vacation.


When does the spring season end?

The season ends the same week that Newton Public Schools end.


Do kids pitch in farm?

Farm is mostly coach pitch. The final five games for the 2nd grade teams will be limited kid pitch vs. other 2nd grade teams.

Where can I find the Farm rules?

Farm rules can be found here on our web site.