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NSELL 2022 Photo Day sessions are planned for Wednesday May 18th at Highlands Field from 4PM to 7PM and Sunday May 22nd at Highlands Field from 12PM to 4PM.  The photo shoot location for both days is circled in red in the attached image. 


Key items to make this process efficient:


  1. Please have your player in full uniform, shirt tucked-in, and hat on.
  2. Please bring a bat, if your player has one (the photographer will have extra bats, if needed).
  3. Traditional “team photos” will not be taken.  Instead, they will be created as a composite from one of the 2 poses that each player will have taken.  It will take less than 1 minute to photograph each player.
  4. Coaches are asked to attend one of the sessions to be included in the composite team photo.  Also, if you coach and your child is also in the league, the photographer will photograph each of you together in addition to your solo images.
  5. It is VERY important that the player/parent knows exactly what level they play in. Level means Majors, AAA, AA, Farm, or T-Ball.  If this is not correct, the player may be placed in the wrong composite team photo. This is VERY important for an efficient process at the field and in creating the teams.
  6. Ordering will be done online.  To register, simply text NSELL2022 to 90738, (between now and the time of the photo shoot).  You will receive a confirmation text back saying you have subscribed.  Approximately 10 days after the last photo session, all of the images created and uploaded to a website.  At that time, you will get another text with a link to the photo website for ordering (images, magnets, trading cards, etc.). The password will be NSELL2022.
  7. There are no team times.  Simply come at your leisure during one of the days/times listed above.


Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email NSELL representative Kyle Mikulis at or the photographer, Jim Pierce, at