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Pitching clinic
by posted 05/15/2021

Hello all,

Just an update...

This Monday the 17th our practice at Bowen (near) field at 6pm we will be joined by the 

Dodgers and Kevin Obrien who runs the Sweet Swing clinics.  This will be one of their 

Pitching clinics, so its important for anyone looking to improve their skills to attend but especially 

those new kids who are interested in pitching.

Its a nice opportunity the league affords us and hope you can all attend.

See you tomorrow at Gordon field. If you can be there at 12:30 for warmups as usual 

that would be great.

See you then!

Dan and Kevin

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Practice tomorrow
by posted 05/13/2021

One more note for parents attending tomorrows pratice. 

Please have the boys wear pants that can get messed up a bit,

going to work on some sliding.

Thanks again! 



Upcoming events;

Practice tomorrow Angier 5pm

Game Sunday  Jay Gordon 1pm

Practice Monday Bowen (near) 6pm

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by posted 05/13/2021

Hello All,

Going to try and squeeze in a practice tomorrow from 5-6:30 PM at Angier school field for those who can make it.

With the rain makeup we missed out and thought might help especially with some of those trying new postitions.

Great team win again yesterday!  Hope to see whoever can make it!



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Memorial Day
by posted 05/11/2021

Hello All,

We are scheduled to play a game on Memorial Day weekend May 30th.  We would like to get a head count on who will be able to make it to the game that weekend as we know many families will be away.  Please respond as soon as possible, if we have 8 kids we can play the game, if not we will reschedule and keep you posted.

Great game yesterday, I literally cannot think of one player who did not contribute to that victory!  Great game all around!

Hope to see you Wednesday.



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by posted 05/05/2021

Hello all,

All of todays games have been cancelled by the league.  We will be making up todays game with the Brewers on Monday May 10th at 5:30 PM at Highlands Field with a 5:00 pm arrival time for warmups. Hopefully see you all on Sunday!

Thanks Dan

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